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The Brief:

Spark were approached by the City of Unley to develop a ‘Parklet’ as a way of providing a vibrant, new pedestrian space for people to meet, gather, eat and drink or sit and relax. The temporary structure, installed in the footprint of parallel car parks, would be leased to local commercial tenants. When the Parklet lease expired, the lease would be offered to another establishment and the Parklet would be relocated to its new home.

Our Solution:

We designed a modular structure that can be easily disassembled and relocated, and which includes a mechanism to accommodate various street slopes.

Spark consulted with the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research to develop an internal steel structure, which is incorporated into every Parklet module.

LED lighting is optional and the perforated pattern design can be customized.

The final outcome of our research, design and prototype process is a fully transportable Parklet that has the look of a permanent structure, enhances the visibility and recognition of local businesses and invigorates local street life.

The Republic Parklet
The Republic Parklet
The Republic Parklet